Pearson and Pearson Surveying Ltd.


Legal Surveys

·    Surveyor's Real Property Reports For:

o Mortgage Purposes

o Boundary Determination

·    Plans of subdivision (M-Plans)

·    Stratified Ownership Plans

·    Plans of Condominium

·    Fence Line, Property line location

·    Reference Plans for :

o Land severances

o Easement right-of-way acquisition

o Road widenings, reserves

·    Expropriation Plans

·    First Registration Plans - Land Titles Act

·    Boundaries Act Plans

Engineering/Construction Surveys:

·    Residential/Commercial Building Layout

·    Topographic Surveys for :

o Mortgage Purposes

·    As-Built Surveys

·    Grade Certification

·    Utility Layout

·    Utility Corridor Surveys

·    Area Certificates

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