Pearson and Pearson Surveying Ltd.

Founded in March 2007, Pearson and Pearson Limited is a professional land surveying firm offering clients a full range of services in cadastral, engineering, and construction surveys.

Pearson and Pearson Limited holds a Certificate of Authorization from the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors. and is governed by the Surveyors Act, the Surveys Act and the regulations made under them.

Pearson and Pearson Limited operates with a Certificate of Authorization issued by the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors, which is a license to conduct a wide range of surveying activities in the province of Ontario.

Section 2(2) of the Surveyors Act states:

"The principal object of the Association is to regulate the practice of professional land surveying and to govern its members and holders of certificates of authorization in accordance with this Act, the regulations and the by-laws in order that the public interest may be served and protected."

Our plans are prepared under the authority of the above Acts and also under the Ontario Land Titles and Registry Acts.

Our experience is based on 31 combined years of proven capability in surveying and land information projects, enabling us to efficiently and accurately complete assignments of any scope

Our firm is dedicated to the continual upgrading of our professional competence and maintenance of high surveying standards.

Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) equipment and Robotic Total Stations are some of the high-tech tools we utilize in providing accurate, cost-effective services for our clients.

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